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Welcoming all EDHEC students to the EDHEC Alumni network!

Great news: with your registration to a degree program at EDHEC, you are automatically entitled to an EDHEC Alumni account and you can access all of our services... for life!

Check right away that your account has been correctly set up:

Log in at the top of the page using your email address. You password is similar to the one you received from the Career Centre. You may also want to edit a new one by clicking on "First login or forgotten password". 
Click  to change your personal information and check your contact settings. This information will only be used for exchanges between members of the EDHEC Alumni network.


What are the EDHEC Alumni services?

EDHEC Alumni is a network of more than 46,000 alumni across 125 countries, 500 events each year in 40 different countries, as well as a range of services (complementary offer to those of your EDHEC career center) that will boost your career plans. You can now use your EDHEC Alumni account to do the following:

Get an inside view of the companies and positions that interest you

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In addition to your EDHEC Career Center offering, the EDHEC network can be a powerful resource for validating your career choices by contacting EDHEC graduates who have obtained the job of your dreams.

More than 5,000 graduates have volunteered to give up their time to answer any questions you might have about your career choices. They’re what we call our "EDHEC Resources", and you can prioritise them as contacts. A little R appears next to their name in the online directory.

We regularly organise conferences and networking events run by the professional clubs representing the various business sectors. These are opportunities to meet with graduates working in the professions or firms that interest you. If you have plans for a start-up, be sure to join the Entrepreneurship club to take part in the Entrepreneurs Cafés held on one of our campuses.


Start off your internship, job or time abroad on the right foot.


It's not always easy to get settled in a new firm or foreign country. It can be useful to contact an EDHEC graduate to learn more about their firm’s culture and start off on the right foot. 

EDHEC Alumni is home to 80 local and international clubs that help us organise around 500 events in 40 countries. Get in touch with the ambassadors for the country or region you are interested in to benefit from advice on getting settled and hooking up with the local EDHEC network as soon as you arrive.


Catch up with EDHEC classmates or expand your network


The online directory also allows you to find contact details for your classmates and all 46,000 EDHEC alumni! 
The relationship of trust between EDHEC Alumni members means you can get in touch with the people you need to know.
Respect the network’s rules of etiquette, be sure to keep those who help you informed, offer your help in return, and you will see just how dynamic the EDHEC Alumni network is.

Complete your profile

Use the online directory and identify EDHEC Resources

Join the club that interests you

Join the EDHEC group on LinkedIn (over 12,000 members)

Rules and tips on how to contact graduates




"Alumni are a great way to get feedback before you join an industry, a company or go to a new country. I would value those discussions over anything else!" 

Adrien de Wolkoff 
Head of Digital Paid Marketing, APAC at LinkedIn (Singapore)


Questions? Problems?

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