The Solidarity Fund continues to support graduates in difficulty

Published on 22/02/2021
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The EDHEC Alumni Graduate Solidarity Fund team accepted the application files of its first graduates! They now benefit from financial assistance as well as the support of our coach to get out of a difficult situation and take the necessary distance to bounce back. The team can help other EDHEC graduates. Send us your request or tell your friends in difficulty about this initiative.


About the Solidarity Fund

Faced with exceptional economic circumstances, EDHEC Alumni launched a unique solidarity support scheme for EDHEC graduates who have had a “mishap” in their affective, social or professional lives (e.g. death of a spouse or family member, loss of business, disability/incapacity following an accident, etc.) and are now facing a real financial emergency. It is a natural extension of the Emergency fund initiated for students in difficulty last spring by the School through its Foundation.

Who can benefit?

Those eligible are EDHEC graduates facing a real financial emergency as a result of a mishap in their life, with fiscal residency in France. 

> If this is the case for you, contact us right away. 
A committee has been set up to manage the Solidarity Fund, which we invite you to contact via this email address: 

> If you know others from EDHEC who meet these conditions, encourage them to apply! 
Sometimes it takes courage to ask for help.

 Requests are confidential and all staff required to study applications have signed a confidentiality charter. 

Financial assistance subject to certain conditions 

Graduates who apply will receive an application to fill out. Each request is then analysed in 3 phases:

Phase 1: application analysed by the Director of EDHEC Alumni = moved to phase 2 if eligible
Phase 2: pre-assessment interview with a coach designated by the EDHEC Alumni Solidarity Fund committee = moved to phase 3 if eligible
Phase 3: dossier studied by the coach and/or EDHEC Alumni Director in a sitting of the committee = decision to award a donation (the amount of the donation is determined by the committee)

Services and tools (coaching, mentoring or other) available to all 

Whether your application is accepted or not, non-financial support (coaching, mentoring or another form support depending on the applicant’s needs) may be proposed to help you through these difficult times.

Look after yourself and your loved ones. 


EDHEC Alumni Graduate Solidarity Fund team 

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