A simple gesture that marks your pride at being part of EDHEC and boosts the School’s digital impact!

Published on 21/05/2019
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As you surely know, business schools have a lot at stake with digital. We request your help today and ask you to take an active role in promoting EDHEC's e-reputation and digital profile.

As an EDHEC Alumni, you are proud to have studied at EDHEC. To mark your pride and represent the School at the same time, we ask you to make a simple gesture and set up a link to EDHEC’s website on your own site.

What do I need to do?

Is your profile shown on your company’s website? If so, you can set up a link to the EDHEC site merely by adding the https://www.edhec.edu link the first time the word "EDHEC" comes up in your profile.

Do you have a blog? Are you an entrepreneur? You don't have a website? Well you can also contribute, by adding the https://www.edhec.edu link on the word “EDHEC” on your blog or via your online profile page.

A little gesture with big repercussions for the School’s digital footprint.

By contributing together, we can not only increase EDHEC’s global footprint, but also the impact of your degree.

A big thanks in advance,
EDHEC Communications team


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