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Published on 05/05/2020
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The economic consequences of COVID-19 are having a particularly severe impact on entrepreneurs, whether start-up founders, SME owners or freelancers. That’s why EDHEC Alumni launched an online initiative on 23 April to enable our entrepreneurs to help each other out and share their experiences.

How it works

Our volunteer sponsors take 3 minutes to indicate their areas of expertise via the online tool made available. Beneficiaries then choose a sponsor who can meet their needs. A partnership is set up so the help sought can be provided, and then both participants are free to move on and form a new partnership.

110 EDHEC sponsors have already stepped up. Thank you!

They include Guillaume Richard (CEO, O2), Sandrine Dufour (Consultant, VERT & Ô), Christian Raisson et Philippe de Chanville (Co-founders, MANOMANO), Emmanuelle Ridon (Founder and CEO, ACT BEAUTY), Alexis Rollin (President, RnD), Romain Dutour (Innovative & Digital project Manager, KPMG), Iwann Le Dû (Founder and CEO, WeCoach), Christel Koehler (Consultant and RH Project Manager, LA POSTE) but to name a few.

There are still places available for new beneficiaries looking to draw on their expertise 

If your EDHEC Alumni profile lists you as an entrepreneur, you should have received an email on 23 April and 30 April entitled “Entrepreneur support scheme". Simply follow the procedure described to sign up. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the list of entrepreneurs, send an email to our dedicated address: entraide.entrepreneurs@edhec.com 

EDHEC Alumni thanks you for your solidarity and wishes you fruitful exchanges. We will be able to overcome the economic fallout of Covid-19 if we all help each other out on a mutual basis.

Testimonies of sponsors:

Every crisis is a moment tainted with uncertainty and complexity but at the same time carries the potential to free up new ideas, open up new avenues and achieve a greater level of awareness of oneself and one’s organizations. For efficient, holistic and comprehensive support.

Sandrine Dufour, EDHEC BBA 1996
Founder of VERT & Ô, Coach for top managers

Sandrine Dufour


As the head of a firm specialising in career transitions, I’m used to providing support to business founders. And so it felt natural for me to offer my help via EDHEC. Looking for advice from the EDHEC network should be an integral part of any entrepreneurship initiative, whether in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis or not. This crisis can give young graduates the opportunity to find solutions that they may not have dared ask for under different circumstances.

Guillaume Stollsteiner, EDHEC BBA 2006
Founder, tell newplacement, your outplacement partner

Guillaume Stollsteiner


Testimonies of beneficiaries:

This support scheme is an extremely rewarding initiative. My sponsor was able to give me a lot of very relevant advice and we agreed that I would keep him informed of the progress of my project. I hope that I will have the same success as him and that I will be able to wear the colors of our school high as he does.

Théodore Chastel, EDHEC MSc 2014
Founder SNOOZE

Théodore Chastel


This EDHEC sponsorship for entrepreneurs is perfectly adapted by its flexibility and the connection with true experts. Having all studied at EDHEC and used the same door for our professional life greatly simplifies discussions and makes it much more pleasant than traditional structures (Lab, incubators, entrepreneurial network and others ...). 

Thibaut Gallineau, EDHEC Master 2013
Consultant. Teacher for the EDHEC apprenticeship track. Associate researcher at EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre

Thuibault Gallineau



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