"EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow" // #2 EDHEC Alumni Digital Ambassadors (Dare)

Published on 24/02/2021
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During the "EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow" programme, you can work on a role that doesn’t exist yet: EDHEC Alumni digital ambassador.

What would a digital EDHEC Alumni ambassador look like?

Status quo

EDHEC Alumni has a presence on social media:

  • LinkedIn: a corporate page, a “Community Manager EDHEC Alumni” profile, a private group for all alumni and several theme-specific groups
  • Facebook: a main page and several theme-specific pages and groups
  • Twitter: one account

And we also have a slot in the School’s story on Instagram every Thursday (@edhec_bschool).


  • The LinkedIn page, set up in 2020, works well with growing levels of engagement and a rising number of followers. We sponsor certain posts to boost visibility and notoriety;
  • The private alumni group (LinkedIn) has more than 15,000 members. Since the summer of 2020, publications from the EDHEC Alumni account have been “liked”, but those from alumni themselves generate less interaction;
  • The Facebook page sees very little engagement: very few people leave comments, share or like messages;
  • We don’t communicate much on Twitter as the network is saturated and the School already occupies a strong position;
  • The Instagram stories are viewed but no comments are posted. We only post something when we’ve got a “big” news story.

Mission of digital ambassadors

We are looking for “ambassadors” (a new type) to share and/or support the communication of EDHEC and/or EDHEC Alumni within their own networks and/or the EDHEC Alumni communities they belong to. Unlike “traditional” ambassadors, who have a more event-driven vision and represent a single community, digital ambassadors would have more of an influencer-type role.


Social media is a fantastic tool that can allow an international, multicultural and transgenerational community to share and communicate with each other!

Objective 1: mutual support
Getting people to engage via social media is about creating a truly digital community of exchanges. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, where physical get-togethers are not an option, we hope to offer alumni a link without boundaries, so they can mutually support one another in their careers and life projects and stay connected and closely knit.

Objective 2: boost EDHEC Alumni’s notoriety and shape it to reflect the association’s diversity
Making people more aware of our mission and initiatives through the involvement of network members will be a great way to reach new audiences. For those who know us already, new aspects of what we have to offer could be revealed. This would help broaden the scope of our messages and project an image of a dynamic and accessible network. Our services are constantly evolving, and social media is a way to facilitate communication across the community relating to these new offers.

What you can develop

How can the role of digital ambassador be designed to make it attractive for EDHEC alumni and impactful in terms of our communication? You will be asked to define:

- The missions of these “e-ambassadors”
- Their “recruitment” followed by loyalty-building
- The type of dynamic to create on social media through their contributions

Some ideas to create this role

The content EDHEC Alumni can provide:

Info on talented alumni and the latest news at the association and School (articles, profile pieces, events, etc.) – sometimes exclusively – to share as part of a text they draft themselves.

Benefits for the “e-ambassadors”:

The chance to flag this role on their CV, the enhanced visibility we can give their initiatives, and a connection to a 46,000-strong network of alumni.

What works on our social media pages:

  • Alumni profile pieces and interviews
  • Rankings of the various EDHEC programmes

NB: we also run sponsoring campaigns to promote certain posts

What doesn’t work:

  • Overly promotional posts
  • Posts on the private EDHEC Alumni group (LinkedIn), which simply display a news item without a light-hearted accompanying text or contextualisation

Career change? Moving house?