4 prizes to win with our "Lost Contact Challenge"

Published on 20/12/2017
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EDHEC Alumni and BBA Alumni represents  41,000 EDHEC graduates/students. Among these are the "Lost Contacts ", who, by choice or because they are unaware of the strength of our network, have disappeared from our directory. 
As was the case in previous years, EDHEC Alumni invites its most fervent investigators to try and find these graduates and thereby increase the number of career opportunities available within the community. 

The strength of the EDHEC Alumni network lies in the diversity and benevolence of its members. Every day, graduates/students provide invaluable help to other members in the network. The wealth of our database and the possibility of establishing contact with other graduates are therefore essential for the long-term survival of our community. By participating in the “Lost Contacts Challenge”, you will be contributing to the wealth of our network. 

What’s a “Lost Contact”? 
A Lost Contact is an EDHEC graduate for whom we have neither career information (position, company, etc.) nor contact details (email, telephone, address, etc.). There are graduates who left EDHEC without staying in touch with the network in every course and graduation year. 

How to participate in the challenge from 14 Décember 2017 to 11 February 2018 ?

First, register on this questionnaire
You can find the list of Lost Contacts in pdf or excel. These are all people whose career information and contact details are missing. It’s up to you to find them! The 4 winners of the Challenge will be those who find the largest number of validated profiles. 
A valid profile includes the following:
- name and surname 
- course and graduation year 
- company for which the person works 
- country of employment 
- position 
- a contact email address (other than @edhec.com) 

Click here to create your own account and start your investigations

Those who identify the most Lost Contacts will win the following:

1st prize :
1 IPhone SE Apple 4G, 64 Go

2nd prize :
1 Ipad mini 4, Wi Fi Tab, processeur Apple A8 – 128 Go

3rd prize :
 1 Apple TV 4K – Gen 5

4th prize :
1 Mini Drone

Jumping Sumo Parrot white

Apple iPhone SE 64 Go 4  
Apple iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi - tablette - 128 Go - 7.9 Apple TV 4K 5 - récepteur multimédia numérique   

Each contact identified by a participant will be checked. Following your participation, all graduates identified will be free to decide whether or not to receive information from EDHEC Alumni. An email will be sent to all Lost Contacts asking them if they are willing to appear in the directory and receive information from EDHEC Alumni. If they had already agreed to receive information from EDHEC Alumni and appear in the graduate directory, the new data will simply be updated.

> Download the list of Lost Contacts pdf or excel
Only information relating to the people on this list will be accepted as part of the challenge.

> Download the full competition rules by clicking here

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