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08 April 2021

Appointments - Céline LECOUTRE (CSM2020) Manager at BONNE MAM

Céline LECOUTRE (CSM 2020) has just created Bonne Mam (in tribute to her grandmother), under the Millepatte franchise network whose motto inspires her "A thousand solutions to make your life easier".

Millepatte offers a range of services to those we hold dearest in the world: our children, our family, our home, our disabled or dependent seniors.

Little by little, it intends to offer a complete range of personal services, in the 9 municipalities of the valley of the lys, at all ages of life for housekeeping and cleaning, childcare, weekdays or weekends, on a regular or occasional basis, later DIY and gardening. First approval for children under 3, then later authorization for dependent persons.

Its perceptive in the future (5 years) is to create around thirty jobs by creating teams of 6 people, working together independently.

Notice therefore to future users and collaborators


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