Become an EDHEC resource

What exactly is an EDHEC Resource person?

EDHEC Resource people are graduates who have agreed to help the network by providing information about: their job, their activity sector, their market, their career background and recruitment processes in their company, etc.

What do they do?

  • give information about their job, their activity sector, their region...
  • help the EDHEC community by giving information to other alumni who need help, depending on your availability and confidentiality issues.

Where can I find EDHEC Resource people?

You can find EDHEC Resource people in the paper-based & online directory. Look for the small R after their name. The EDHEC Resource database is increasingly active and effective. There are now 4,500 EDHEC Resource people and we’re always looking for new volunteers.

Read the good practices guidelines for using the network