Become a Mentor


The objective of the Mentoring programme is to make it easier for young graduates or students to succeed in career transitions by putting them in touch with an experienced graduate who may have similar responsibilities or work in the same area or may have had a similar experience.


How does it work?

Mentors are paired with their mentees during an event to launch the programme and then meet at least once monthly for a period of five months. The mentoring relationship is based on objectives that are predefined by the two graduates. The two parties work together to develop a benevolent win-win relationship. Various tools, guides and training sessions are available to all participants to ensure a successful outcome. 

If what you need is to find a job, we remind you that you can also consider the activities run by the Career Centre. It should be noted that when looking for a new job, your mentor can only offer support in respect of a specific objective identified by you (improving body language, understanding intercultural differences, etc.). Mentors are there to provide a mental boost as you face your professional and personal challenges.


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