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To boost your career, to pass on to the next generation, to capitalize on you career path, to share your values and experiences, to exchange between cultures, to grow and grow, get involved! Participate in the STREAM.

STREAM : Share Transmit Reinforce Edhec Alumni Mentoring

img_0431_400Reinforce EDHEC Alumni Mentoring)  program.

This program was initiated through the work of a fabulous team of volunteers, our "mentoring angels": Virginie Malekzadeh, Catherine Champeyrol, Béatrice d’Herbomez and Thibault Million de Villeroy.

The objective of the Mentoring programme is to make it easier for young (or not that young !) graduates to succeed in career transitions by putting them in touch with an experienced graduate who may have similar responsibilities or work in the same area or may have had a similar experience. Mentors are paired with their mentees during an event to launch the programme and then meet at least once monthly for a period of five months. The mentoring relationship is based on objectives that are predefined by the two graduates. In contrast to coaching, the Mentoring programme is about the two parties working together to develop a benevolent win-win relationship. Various tools, guides and training sessions are available to all participants to ensure a successful outcome.

Discover the programme and some testimonials by watching these videos.

If what you need is to find a job, we remind you that the mentoring programme is not quite tailored for this purpose. You are recommended first of all to consider the activities run by the Career Centre. It should also be noted that when looking for a new job, your mentor can only offer support in respect of a specific objective identified by you (deciphering best practices in companies, improving body language, understanding intercultural differences, etc.). Mentors are there to provide a mental boost as you face your professional and personal challenges.

10 international batches of participants

Ines O'Donovan, the mentor’s mentor

Ines, Global MBA 2002, PhD in Management Learning and Leadership accompanied us in its implementation. Ines is editor of the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, which is published by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. This EDHEC graduate is also the director of Alamundo, which helps entrepreneurs to find new clients and expand their business through mentoring, coaching and consulting. She has advised many different organisations on creating their own mentoring programmes, including the European branch of the Professional Women’s Network.


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img_0426_400The mentoring programme is intensely interpersonal. To ensure high-quality matches, the number of pairs for each programme is limited. It is possible that your first attempt may not bring you in contact with a suitable mentor/mentee, in which case your profile will be kept on record for the following programme.

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Are you in a transitional phase in your professional life (retraining, start-up, career acceleration, moving abroad, new position, etc.) and would like the support of a mentor?

Participating mentees are asked to make a contriution of €40 (20 euros for un-employed, free for students) to cover some of the costs of running the programme. This money does not go to mentors, who act on a voluntary basis. Mentees also agree to offer their services as a mentor on a later programme.


More info: 

> Contact Martin Barbier or Silvia Marichalar

> Download a detailed presentation of the programme 

> Discover the best practices with these videos.

> Access the training module designed for mentors and mentees (log in to your EDHEC Alumni account using your user ID and password)