The online directory lists students and graduates from all EDHEC programs. This directory is a valuable tool for all of its users: students, graduates, companies, recruitment firms, etc. Everyone has an interest in the data contained therein being recent and reliable. If this is your first use, it is recommended that you check that your profile is up to date and read the EDHEC Alumni Networking Guide.
The alumni directory is protected by law n°98-536 of July 1, 1998 and by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 14, 2016. Its data can only be used for the purposes pursued by the EDHEC alumni network and written in the network charter: facilitate the integration and mobility of graduates on the job market by putting them in touch with one another. The information provided by graduates may in no case be used for commercial, political or proselytizing approaches under penalty of prosecution. Anyone who establishes a file or database with the information present on the EDHEC Alumni network, and / or who makes it available to a third party, for a fee or free, without the agreement of EDHEC Alumni, may endure civil and / or criminal penalties provided for by the Intellectual Property Code and the GDPR. For this reason, a maximum of 100 results is offered for each search.